Vol 12, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents


Corporate Revenue Miscalculations & The Impact On Stakeholders PDF
Karen T. Cascini, Alan DelFavero, Ryan Bezner 77-92
Human Asset Accounting And Measurement: Moving Forward PDF
Brian B. Stanko, Thomas L. Zeller, Matthew F. Melena 93-104
A Chronology Of The Definition Of Marketing PDF
Gary J. Brunswick 105-114
Evaluating Service Departments As Value Streams PDF
Daniel L. Haskin, Teresa E. Haskin 115-120
Going Concern: Where Is It Going? PDF
Clemense Ehoff Jr., Dahli Gray 121-124
Marital Status, Religiosity, And Experience As A Predictor Of Ethical Awareness Among Accounting Professionals PDF
Javad Gorjidooz, Cindy Greenman 125-136
Revenue Process Internal Control For Manufacturers: An Evaluation Tool For Independent Auditors And Managers PDF
Lou X. Orchard, Matthew L. Hoag 137-144
Misconceptions Of Employee Turnover: Evidence-Based Information For The Retail Grocery Industry PDF
Steven Harrison, Pamela Ann Gordon 145-152
Small Business Survival Index Traction And Movement In Rankings Of States (2000-2013) PDF
P. K. Shukla, Monica P. Shukla 153-158
Stock Market, Economic Performance, And Presidential Elections PDF
Wen-Wen Chien, Roger W. Mayer, Zigan Wang 159-170
A Descriptive Comparison Of Two Sources Of Occupational Fraud Data PDF
George L. Hunt 171-176
Recognizing Intellectual Capital As An Asset PDF
Mary Fischer, Treba Marsh 177-186
Does Fiscal Stimulus Stimulate? PDF
Najiba Benabess 187-192
Stock Buybacks: Good Or Bad For Investors? PDF
RamMohan R. Yallapragada 193-198

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